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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Doraemon, 4 hands piano

After some days experimenting, I did this arrangement for 4 hands piano, the Doraemon main theme. I think it sounds very good and it's not so difficult. It's based in Ichigo's piano solo arrangement, but I changed some notes in the bass and fixed some things in the harmony.

Another important new is the watermark. I made it lighter, so you now will see better the sheet. It was too obscure. ^^"

I'm using Dropbox links, so if you detect any problem, comment it here.

About the results of the last poll, some people said that the ensembles have errors sometimes... So if you find an error, comment it here, also a posible solution, and I will fix it, no problem.
In any case, I'm very happy because many people voted they're good and only 2 votes in "Too difficult!". Any votes in "Easy", but... at least they're playable.

However, your help is needed to improve the ensembles.

Thanks for all!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

The Howl Moving Castle - My piano Interpretation


Today I bring you my interpretation of The Howl Moving Castle in piano. The video was recorded by a friend of mine, in our graduation at the institute. The piano was not very good, people were talking a lot, and my inpretation wasn't very fine.
However, I think is always good to see people playing the songs, so here you are:

Hope you like it!
And tomorrow, new sheet music =)
I've just uploaded the Mystogan no Theme from Fairy Tail for piano and Our House Below, from Arrietty. Hope you enjoy! ^^

Monday, 20 August 2012

About the last sheets

Today I uploaded two new songs, Arrietty's Song for piano and the Zelda Main Theme for String Orchestra. I was using a Google Site to upload all the songs, but with this last two I used DropBox service. I only want to know if you experiment any problems downloading this two sheets. In that case, please comment here and I will upload it to the Site as always.

Talking about problems and errors, I saw 2 people said my sheets have errors. If you see errors, you can comment it here or contact me using Twitter, feel free to say "Eh, my instrument can't play that note(s)".

I'm going to continue making Arrietty's transcriptions, so if you like the OST, take a look for here in the next weeks.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Still working

Well, I'm here again with news about my current work, and future music.

Next, of course, it's the Mystogan Theme, for piano. I also have a finished arrangement of The Legend of Zelda theme for string orchestra -you will see it very soon.
I also add a new Guilty Crown sheet.

However, I want to focus a bit more on the Youtube channel, because there're only a few videos. Another interesting thing: the other day I watched Arrietty's film and I decided to make some arrangements. The idea is make a piano version / piano duo (with violin or flute) of the most known themes. They look easy, so expect them soon ^-^

I'm working also in the second part of theory tutorials, I hope it will be finished by next week.

And the last thing: I want to know your opinion about ensembles on my blog: are they too difficult? Strange writting? That note is impossible to play on your instrument?
I want to know your opinion, because I only play the piano. I have my instrumentation book and I try to check always my work, but an error is always possible.

So comment here or answer the new poll.

Thank you!

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Twitter account for the blog!

Hi again!

This week I've been a bit inactive. However, there's a new piano tutorial video and a new string quartet in the Sheet Music section, Shukuteki, from Rozen Maiden. I hope this week I will finish Guilty Crow sheet and the Fairy Tail also.

I also made a Twitter acount, Victor_Seven7. As you can see, I do not publish a new entrie every time I upload a song or a video. Of course, you can access the Sheet Music section to check if I uploaded something.
However, I think Twitter is better for that: every time I upload a new content (videos, sheet music, music tutorials...) I will tweet it, in English of course, and using the tag #VictorSevenMusic.
You can ignore Spanish tweets, don't care about them. Everything about the blog will be tagged as I said.

Now, you only have to follow or check my Twitter account to know what's new here and in the Youtube Channel. Only open my profile and click in the #VictorSevenMusic tag where is my description, and you will see all the news.

Of course, you can send comments to me, opinions about the blog or if you want, say a song you want me to transcribe. Em, I won't transcribe all the songs you want. That's very important. Say your opinion: if that song is very requested and I'm able to transcribe it, maybe I do it.
For that, use the same tag or mention me using @Victor_Seven7 (Well, you know it... ^^")

I also will try to follow interesting (musical) accounts for everybody. 

Thank you!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

I'm here again!

Well, at the end, I finished the course. I'm free again!

That means now I can work harder in new arrangements, and also in make the video tutorials for the channel. Of course, you will see the next chapters of the Music Theory Guide. Here are a list of my current projects:

  • Pianissimo, by Hatsune Miku. I'm finishing this. Done and uploaded.
  • Another Guilty Crown piano transcription, Release my Soul.
  • Rozen Maiden string quartets, some songs, including Battle of Rose. This last one has been finished and uploaded too.
  • The Mystogan no Theme. Everybody wants it. ^^"
  • Continue with the Music Theory Guide
  • Update the channel with all the piano songs, and try to make some interpretations. 
More or less, these are the guidelines for this firsts weeks. The most important now is the new sheet music, because the last sheet was updated a long time ago, and the Youtube Channel. However, I'm not going to leave the other sections.

Thank you!

Monday, 21 May 2012

Youtube Channel!

Hello again!

Today I want to announce a good news: I'm going to upload videos in a Youtube Channel! The main idea is to upload all the piano transcriptions in video tutorials using Synthesia. My channel is:

I only have two videos now, Erza vs Erza and Hagane no Hakunetsu Sen, both from Fairy Tail. I'm finishing exams, so you will see new sheets and videos very soon.

I also want to mention this guy, Lackias, who plays my Sannin no Dragon Slayer transcription. Here is the video:

It's the first time I see somebody playing my arrangements, so I'm very happy. Thank you, Lackias! ~
If you play some of my transcriptions in, and you have your video in Youtube, send a private message to me at the Youtube channel, and I will add your interpretation in it.

Also, if you have any suggerence for the channel, comment it. Thank you all!

Friday, 27 April 2012

UTAU's Tempo Fixer

Hello again!

This weekend I'm going to upload a Guilty Crown sheet for piano, "RL feat Cyua", which I finished last week.

However, today I'm going to talk of other thing. Do you know Vocaloid? It's a popular voice synth. Hatsune Miku voice is made with this software.
Well, UTAU is the same as Vocaloid, but free. Maybe the voice qualities are not as good as Vocaloid, but it sounds very good.  Maybe you are thinking, "In that case, I will use the cracked version of Vocaloid, Pocaloid". Don't do it. Seriously. It has some good viruses... not a simple worms. They can damage your computer... and steal your money if you're using an on-line bank service.

UTAU, as you know, can import MIDIS. But sometimes the tempo is strange, you can't change it, it's impossible to play the song and the voice at the same time... If you look in the top bar, you will find red and blue numbers. The blue number is the general tempo. The song starts with this value. The red numbers are the tempo of each note. It's a tempo change. But sometimes every note has a specific tempo, and it's impossible to change all... What can you do?
Investigating, I saw a post of a man in a forum who says that can open the .ust file using a text editor, and eliminate the tempo marks from there. It's easier, but you also have hundreds of tempo marks.
For that reason, I created Tempo Fixer. Tempo Fixer is a very little tool which eliminates all the tempo marks, and set the general tempo. It's very easy to use. Only set the tempo in the number dialog, click the button and select a .ust file. After that, open the .ust file with UTAU. You´ll realise that all the red tempo marks have dissapeared, and the blue tempo mark has the value you indicated in the software.

About details, I programmed this in C# and it should run in all Windows systems with .NET Framework 2.0 (or 3.0... I can't remember the version I set xD) However, all new computers have the version 4.0, so don't worry about this requeriment. If you don't have your .NET Framework updated and the application doesn't work, download the Framework from Microsoft page. It's useful for many programs.

To install it, use the Setup.exe, and to delete it, from Control Panel > Unistall a program.

You can share the program in other websites, but give credits to me or link this entrie.

Download Tempo Fixer

Hope you will find useful this little application ^-^.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sonic the Hedgehog - Doctor Rotbonik's Attack!

First of all, I added the Theme of Multiflora, for Violin, to the sheet music. I'm also working in the new music tutorial and in a Guilty Crown piano sheets. And I'm going to start very soon with video-tutorials of the arrangements. All of that, very soon. =)

And talking about sections, today I bring you some music: the Boss music in Sonic games!

In old Sonic games, in my opinion, boss music was one of the best of the soundtrack. That songs sound so attractive, and were in all the bosses. After die 100 times, you start to love the song. I'm talking specially of Sonic 1 and 2, but Sonic 3 & Knuckles has also a good boss music. Here are songs, if you have never listened to them... do it!

Another little surprise: I did a band medley with all this songs. If you are in a band and you like Sonic... you should take a look  =)

Especial attention to the bass. Always! Old Sonic games' music have an incredible bass in some levels. About that, I will talk other day.. xD

Take note all you can do with a few voices! Sonic started in year 1991, so music is has better quality now. Most of the songs has been made with 4 o 5 voices, and the drums. The music of the two first games was composed by Masato Nakamura. Howard Drossin compose the music of Sonic & Knuckles, and some of the OST from Sonic 3.

If you're interested in piano arrangement, visit Game Music Themes and download them.

Hope you like the content!

Monday, 5 March 2012

Basics of Music I - Intervals and chords.

 First of all, I have to say I have new songs I will upload next Wednesday, and I'm preparing the other section.
And, I want to give thanks to JJ, my friend, who checks the blog and revises my English. This time JJ has checked the tutorial before upload it.

(Edit: Sorry beacause of the button, but it was too long..)

Well, let's start. Modern music is composed by chords. If you want to create a song, you've to decide the harmony, and you will do this selecting some chords. However, to build correctly the chords, you need to learn intervals before.

Saturday, 4 February 2012

New Sections!

Today I'm going to talk about the results of the last poll.
We had 14 votes. That's nothing considering the number of visitors! I want to know your opinion to make better the blog. ~So vote in the next! ^-^

Last poll was about new sections in the blog. The most voted answers were a section talking about anime and video games OST and basic theory tutorials. After that, video-tutorials of the piano arrangements.

I'm going to start with the firsts ones. The video tutorials will be incluided later. Let's see how will be this new sections

  • The comments about OSTs will have some musical videos incluided, and also information like  the composer, who plays it, and if I know sheet music of that OST I will also add a link to the page.
  • The theory tutorial will be basics of chords and harmony, and after that I will explain riffs of different styles. It will have its own page, like the Sheet Music and the Link Section. The lessons will have practical solved exercises with examples, and sound files to listen to the harmony if it's neccesary. 
About the new sheet music, I'm going to do some Fairy Tail songs which the "Anonymous person" (?) left on my last post.  I'm also going to try with the 9th opening. You will see also some band arrangements for here in the next weeks.

Thank you!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

New Music!

Hi again! I finished some more sheets.

From Fairy Tail, Hagane no Hakunetsusen and a easier version of Sannin no Dragon Slayer. I think it sounds as good as the difficult one, so try with the new.
Tomorrow I will upload the Windill Isle Day Theme from Sonic Unleashed, for trio.
EDIT: Uploaded! Download it from the Sheet Music Section.

Another thing is the watermark on the sheets. If you can't read the sheets correctly, comment it and I'll change by a lighter grey.

Next big project is a band arrangement of Monster Hunter Theme. When? I don't know yet >.<

Enjoy the arrangements!

Friday, 6 January 2012

The Howl's Moving Castle: Main Theme for Orchestra and Piano.

Hey! I'm here again. These days I've been working in a big project. An exact transcription of the Howl's Moving Castle's main theme! I finished yesterday. It has been difficult, but I think the result is worthwile.
This is the song:

So I decided to write all the instruments. The ending is not the same, I think. However, I'm happy with the transcription, and I hope you'll enjoy it. It's for string orchestra and piano, the same as the original.
If you want a piano version of this song, you can find it on Josh Agarrado's site.
You can download my arrangement from the Sheet Music section.
The next days I will work on Fairy Tail and a arrangement of Profesor Layton for string orchestra.

Thank you!