Wednesday, 24 July 2019

Youtube covers!


Kind of long time since last entry! During this time I've been working in creating new compositions and arrangements. In this case, there is no new sheet music, but I would like to show you the newest cover of the Youtube channel.

The first is my interpretation of the latest cover uploaded to this blog, Aquatic Ruin, from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Don't forget to download the sheets if you like how it sounds!

Later, I did some fast improvisation over the Steven's Universe main theme. Still I am not very convinced of how it sounds, so I haven't done a written version -I simply improvise over the theme every time. The coffee shop of the International Centre of Theoretical Physics in Trieste is a bit noisy, but a bit of production fixed that.

Finally, I decided to start with something different: since I am doing a collection of 16-bit-themed covers of several songs, I recorded a "live cover", playing the lead synth of Sparkle, from the film Kimi no na wa (Your Name). I like a lot the result, so please listen a bit to it!!

In this holidays, I am pracitising my orchestration and orchestral habilities -I want to improve for large ensembles. So you can expect some new version for chamber orchestra! Wait for it!

See you all!

Saturday, 30 March 2019

Youtube (the return) + commissions open!

Hi everybody!

Today I bring you some juicy news: first, I decided to upload things to Youtube again!
However, not Synthesia videos anymore. This time, I am going to use Youtube to play some of my new arrangements, upload some compositions and improvisations... So, something more relaxed. Also, I do not want to put myself any regularity, like weekly or monthly, so maybe you see 3 videos in a row and nothing for months. I simply want to do it for fun.
Of course, the videos will be always ad-free.

The other news are more serious. I announce that I am available for commissions, specially to compose videogame OSTs. You can listen to some of my works in SoundCloud. Most of them are the result from jams, meaning that they've been composed in 48h maximum. I feel comfortable with jazzy stuff, chamber instruments, piano & strings, and also with retro chiptune synths.

If you're working in an indie videogame OST and want some music, you can contact me by direct message on Twitter (it is the easiest way, really).

Finally, the sheet music corresponding to my first Youtube cover has been just uploaded, enjoy it!!