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Friday, 23 December 2011

Monthly Poll!

Hi again!
I was thinking in the last weeks. I did not upload so much music and the blog was completely inactive. Because of that, I'm thinking in new ideas for the blog... One of these is the a monthly poll. What topics will cover this poll? Your favorite anime/videogames, what is your opinion about the blog, if you liked an arrangement, if you want more orchestral music or piano solo, etc.
I really encourage you to vote in the polls, they will help me to transcribe or arrange the music you like, and improve the blog. You won't be registered if you vote, you don't have to give your email... Don't worry about those things, you can vote safely :D
The poll will be active exactly for one month, and I will publish the results with the next poll's entrie.
And, this is important, if you detect an error on the polls service, comment here.

This month's poll is about this new ideas on the blog, and it will finish on 23th January at 21:00
Another ideas include new sections in the blog, like comments about an anime's soundtrack. You can give another ideas on the comments.
And don't forget to express your opinion using the poll of this month!!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

New Music Uploaded!

Hi all! I survived to the exams, and, as I said, I've uploaded two new Fairy Tail songs: Lucy's Theme and 18's Peers. The last one is for piano and violin and the first one for flute, violin and piano. And... (ta-ta-taaan...) Rowdy Rumble, from Kingdom Hearts, for String Orchestra! As always, they're in the Sheet Music section. This last arrangement has the general score and the individual parts for each voice.
I'll try to work on more songs during the holidays. And thanks for your patience! ^-^

Another thing I want to do is introduce one of my friends and helpers - Wildmap! She's a really good artist, and she has designed the blog's icon. (The "V" with a litte note. You can see it at top left in the URL bar). You can also check her awesome work in DeviantArt.

Enjoy the arrangements and Wildmap's  drawings!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

New songs, projects and news

Hi! I'm back again. Sorry for the inactivity in last days, I've had too much work.

Today I bring some good news. First of all, you'll see new Fairy Tail sheets here before the end of the month... (and not only piano solo!).

I'm also going to make some versions for groups of several songs of Sonic Generations Soundtrack and Final Fantasy. I added a transcription of the song Always on my mind (from KH 358 / 2 days) for group. And, the since harp is not necessary, the piano can do that part too.

 Hope you like it!
Thank you!

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Now you can comment on the entries!

That was an option I had disabled because of the older blog´s organization. This has changed, so now you can comment the entries. Give you opinion and ideas about all you want! ^.^
However, I want you to follow this simple rules on the comments:

1) Give your opinion, but always being polite with others.  If your comment is offensive or innapropiate, I will delete it.

2) Don´t make requests in entries, unless it´s related with the entry. For example, you can ask about Fairy Tail songs in a Fairy Tail entry. And you have to understand I can´t do too many requests, my time is very limited. 

3) Do not spam or post links or your blogs or pages, unless it´s related to the entry or to a comment.

4) Use English in the comments, doing this, everybody will understand you.

Thank you!  And remember I will revise the comments every week. =)

Thursday, 6 October 2011

We´re on Marioverehrer´s Youtube Channel!

Hello again!
First of all, I want to say thanks to my first blog followers: Momo and Itspikacece... Remember, if you like the site, become follower or share me! Thank you all ^.^
In the last days, I´ve colaborated with Marioverehrer to make a big Youtube Channel with the best videogame and anime music. He has uploaded some of my work (and I hope he will continuing doing that) to make the channel bigger: Saria Song for Wind Group and Sennin no Dragon Slayer, from Fairy Tail. He made all the videos with Synthesia, so, if you like some of my songs but you don´t know read sheets very well, try to see this video tutorial. Here are my two songs:

 And here you have more songs from the channel:

Hope you enjoy songs and the Channel, whose direction have been added to the Link Section.
See you!

Friday, 2 September 2011

Fairy Tail Project has started!

Hi again! I´m proud to announce that the first sheets of the Fairy Tail projects are now avaiable!
I started with three of the most popular songs: Sannin no Dragon Slayer, Erza vs Erza and Dokuryuu no Cobra.
You can find it at the Fairy Tail section in the Sheet Music page.

And some of the next will be Mahoukyou no Tabitito,Hagane no Hakunetsusen and Gekitou Mahoujin, Doragon Fosu and Mystogan Theme. Some of them with version for string quartet or orchestra!
I will create a new entry every time I upload some new songs. So see you next time!
Enjoy the arrangements!

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Legend of Zelda for Jazz Piano!

Hello again! Celebrating the changes on the blog and the 25th birthday of The Legend of Zelda, today I bring you this arrangements: classic Zelda songs - in jazz version for piano!

They are incluided in only one PDF,  that includes "Saria´s Song", "Song of Storms", "Zelda´s Lullaby", "Serenade of Water", "Bolero of Fire", "Prelude of Light" and the "Hyrule´s Plain Theme" from the game Twilight Princess. You can download it from the Sheet Music page or the next link:

Zelda Songs for Jazz Piano


Future Projects & New Organization.

Hello! Today I bring you some news about the future of the blogs and the future new sheets.

First, let´s talk about the new organization of the blog: I´ve created two pages, Sheet Music and Link Section, that you can find at the left of the page.
In Sheet Music, I will upload the new songs. You can check which has been the last score submitted and the date of the submission at the page.

And in the Link Section you´ll find links to anime and videogames sheet music pages. This section will have updates sometimes too.

And now, what about the new sheets? Every time I submit an important sheet(s), I will create a new entrie on the blog, with some information about it.
And for finish, pay attention to the current project: Fairy Tail Music! I´m going to transcribe, from the OST 3: Dragon Slayer, Erza vs Erza, Dokuryuu no Cobra, Doragon Fosu... and much, much more. For piano, and some for string orchestra or string quartet. Very soon, here!