Google+ Victor Seven´s Music: December 2011

Friday, 23 December 2011

Monthly Poll!

Hi again!
I was thinking in the last weeks. I did not upload so much music and the blog was completely inactive. Because of that, I'm thinking in new ideas for the blog... One of these is the a monthly poll. What topics will cover this poll? Your favorite anime/videogames, what is your opinion about the blog, if you liked an arrangement, if you want more orchestral music or piano solo, etc.
I really encourage you to vote in the polls, they will help me to transcribe or arrange the music you like, and improve the blog. You won't be registered if you vote, you don't have to give your email... Don't worry about those things, you can vote safely :D
The poll will be active exactly for one month, and I will publish the results with the next poll's entrie.
And, this is important, if you detect an error on the polls service, comment here.

This month's poll is about this new ideas on the blog, and it will finish on 23th January at 21:00
Another ideas include new sections in the blog, like comments about an anime's soundtrack. You can give another ideas on the comments.
And don't forget to express your opinion using the poll of this month!!

Saturday, 17 December 2011

New Music Uploaded!

Hi all! I survived to the exams, and, as I said, I've uploaded two new Fairy Tail songs: Lucy's Theme and 18's Peers. The last one is for piano and violin and the first one for flute, violin and piano. And... (ta-ta-taaan...) Rowdy Rumble, from Kingdom Hearts, for String Orchestra! As always, they're in the Sheet Music section. This last arrangement has the general score and the individual parts for each voice.
I'll try to work on more songs during the holidays. And thanks for your patience! ^-^

Another thing I want to do is introduce one of my friends and helpers - Wildmap! She's a really good artist, and she has designed the blog's icon. (The "V" with a litte note. You can see it at top left in the URL bar). You can also check her awesome work in DeviantArt.

Enjoy the arrangements and Wildmap's  drawings!