Google+ Victor Seven´s Music: August 2011

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

The Legend of Zelda for Jazz Piano!

Hello again! Celebrating the changes on the blog and the 25th birthday of The Legend of Zelda, today I bring you this arrangements: classic Zelda songs - in jazz version for piano!

They are incluided in only one PDF,  that includes "Saria´s Song", "Song of Storms", "Zelda´s Lullaby", "Serenade of Water", "Bolero of Fire", "Prelude of Light" and the "Hyrule´s Plain Theme" from the game Twilight Princess. You can download it from the Sheet Music page or the next link:

Zelda Songs for Jazz Piano


Future Projects & New Organization.

Hello! Today I bring you some news about the future of the blogs and the future new sheets.

First, let´s talk about the new organization of the blog: I´ve created two pages, Sheet Music and Link Section, that you can find at the left of the page.
In Sheet Music, I will upload the new songs. You can check which has been the last score submitted and the date of the submission at the page.

And in the Link Section you´ll find links to anime and videogames sheet music pages. This section will have updates sometimes too.

And now, what about the new sheets? Every time I submit an important sheet(s), I will create a new entrie on the blog, with some information about it.
And for finish, pay attention to the current project: Fairy Tail Music! I´m going to transcribe, from the OST 3: Dragon Slayer, Erza vs Erza, Dokuryuu no Cobra, Doragon Fosu... and much, much more. For piano, and some for string orchestra or string quartet. Very soon, here!