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Monday, 20 August 2012

About the last sheets

Today I uploaded two new songs, Arrietty's Song for piano and the Zelda Main Theme for String Orchestra. I was using a Google Site to upload all the songs, but with this last two I used DropBox service. I only want to know if you experiment any problems downloading this two sheets. In that case, please comment here and I will upload it to the Site as always.

Talking about problems and errors, I saw 2 people said my sheets have errors. If you see errors, you can comment it here or contact me using Twitter, feel free to say "Eh, my instrument can't play that note(s)".

I'm going to continue making Arrietty's transcriptions, so if you like the OST, take a look for here in the next weeks.


  1. Your link to Legend of Zelda does not work! How else can I access this file??

  2. Yeah your Legend of Zelda doesn't have the parts for all the instruments, only the director's part.

  3. I downloaded the Howl's Moving Castle theme but my computer won't let me view it... Is there a problem with my computer or is it the file?