Google+ Victor Seven´s Music: September 2012

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Doraemon, 4 hands piano

After some days experimenting, I did this arrangement for 4 hands piano, the Doraemon main theme. I think it sounds very good and it's not so difficult. It's based in Ichigo's piano solo arrangement, but I changed some notes in the bass and fixed some things in the harmony.

Another important new is the watermark. I made it lighter, so you now will see better the sheet. It was too obscure. ^^"

I'm using Dropbox links, so if you detect any problem, comment it here.

About the results of the last poll, some people said that the ensembles have errors sometimes... So if you find an error, comment it here, also a posible solution, and I will fix it, no problem.
In any case, I'm very happy because many people voted they're good and only 2 votes in "Too difficult!". Any votes in "Easy", but... at least they're playable.

However, your help is needed to improve the ensembles.

Thanks for all!