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Saturday, 4 February 2012

New Sections!

Today I'm going to talk about the results of the last poll.
We had 14 votes. That's nothing considering the number of visitors! I want to know your opinion to make better the blog. ~So vote in the next! ^-^

Last poll was about new sections in the blog. The most voted answers were a section talking about anime and video games OST and basic theory tutorials. After that, video-tutorials of the piano arrangements.

I'm going to start with the firsts ones. The video tutorials will be incluided later. Let's see how will be this new sections

  • The comments about OSTs will have some musical videos incluided, and also information like  the composer, who plays it, and if I know sheet music of that OST I will also add a link to the page.
  • The theory tutorial will be basics of chords and harmony, and after that I will explain riffs of different styles. It will have its own page, like the Sheet Music and the Link Section. The lessons will have practical solved exercises with examples, and sound files to listen to the harmony if it's neccesary. 
About the new sheet music, I'm going to do some Fairy Tail songs which the "Anonymous person" (?) left on my last post.  I'm also going to try with the 9th opening. You will see also some band arrangements for here in the next weeks.

Thank you!


  1. Thanks!! I will be waiting with patience for those songs.
    I will post under this name from now on, anonymous was just the quickest way of posting.

  2. 'Animexduo' on youtube sais he has transcribed the 9th opening played here
    and that he will post it once he has made a video of it.

  3. Hi, I don't know where to post my request so I post in here.
    Can you make piano sheet for Tales of Graces f "Mamoritai White Wishes" ?

    1. It may be a matter of taste, but I can't see how this song could possibly be fun to play on the piano....

  4. Heeeey, I can't accept request now. I'm busy with studies. I will listen to the song, if I like it I may do it.

    But please, don't make request on comments. I won't be able to transcribe all your requests!

  5. If it's not too much trouble on your part, I would sincerely appreciate if you included midi files with all your transcriptions instead of just some. ~Tom

    1. Oh, and keep up the good work. I love all the pieces so far! ~Tom (again)

    2. I'm having a little problem with MIDIs, a Youtube user is using them to make his "own" piano tutorials. First, I have to solve that problem.

      I'm still working on new music, but I'm busy with exams. However, I think you will see new sheets next week.