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Monday, 21 May 2012

Youtube Channel!

Hello again!

Today I want to announce a good news: I'm going to upload videos in a Youtube Channel! The main idea is to upload all the piano transcriptions in video tutorials using Synthesia. My channel is:

I only have two videos now, Erza vs Erza and Hagane no Hakunetsu Sen, both from Fairy Tail. I'm finishing exams, so you will see new sheets and videos very soon.

I also want to mention this guy, Lackias, who plays my Sannin no Dragon Slayer transcription. Here is the video:

It's the first time I see somebody playing my arrangements, so I'm very happy. Thank you, Lackias! ~
If you play some of my transcriptions in, and you have your video in Youtube, send a private message to me at the Youtube channel, and I will add your interpretation in it.

Also, if you have any suggerence for the channel, comment it. Thank you all!


  1. I was curious to know if you had your Howl's Moving Castle arrangement for string orchestra in either XML format or MUS format (Finale Music).


  2. It's great that you begin to post your piano transcriptions in synthesia but it would be even better if you post videos of you playing those transcriptions. Synthesia is nothing compared to humans who can put their own feelings through the piano and transmit to the others. That would be very nice.
    Also thanks for all these sheets wich can't be found anywhere !

  3. @leo park:
    I've the MUS and also the XML, but I'm not very sure of what can I do with them. It's easy to copy the song using them, and I don't want that. It took me a lot of time! >.< I think you understand me.

    Yeah, I want to do that. But first I have to get a somthing good to record the piano.