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Friday, 27 April 2012

UTAU's Tempo Fixer

Hello again!

This weekend I'm going to upload a Guilty Crown sheet for piano, "RL feat Cyua", which I finished last week.

However, today I'm going to talk of other thing. Do you know Vocaloid? It's a popular voice synth. Hatsune Miku voice is made with this software.
Well, UTAU is the same as Vocaloid, but free. Maybe the voice qualities are not as good as Vocaloid, but it sounds very good.  Maybe you are thinking, "In that case, I will use the cracked version of Vocaloid, Pocaloid". Don't do it. Seriously. It has some good viruses... not a simple worms. They can damage your computer... and steal your money if you're using an on-line bank service.

UTAU, as you know, can import MIDIS. But sometimes the tempo is strange, you can't change it, it's impossible to play the song and the voice at the same time... If you look in the top bar, you will find red and blue numbers. The blue number is the general tempo. The song starts with this value. The red numbers are the tempo of each note. It's a tempo change. But sometimes every note has a specific tempo, and it's impossible to change all... What can you do?
Investigating, I saw a post of a man in a forum who says that can open the .ust file using a text editor, and eliminate the tempo marks from there. It's easier, but you also have hundreds of tempo marks.
For that reason, I created Tempo Fixer. Tempo Fixer is a very little tool which eliminates all the tempo marks, and set the general tempo. It's very easy to use. Only set the tempo in the number dialog, click the button and select a .ust file. After that, open the .ust file with UTAU. You´ll realise that all the red tempo marks have dissapeared, and the blue tempo mark has the value you indicated in the software.

About details, I programmed this in C# and it should run in all Windows systems with .NET Framework 2.0 (or 3.0... I can't remember the version I set xD) However, all new computers have the version 4.0, so don't worry about this requeriment. If you don't have your .NET Framework updated and the application doesn't work, download the Framework from Microsoft page. It's useful for many programs.

To install it, use the Setup.exe, and to delete it, from Control Panel > Unistall a program.

You can share the program in other websites, but give credits to me or link this entrie.

Download Tempo Fixer

Hope you will find useful this little application ^-^.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sonic the Hedgehog - Doctor Rotbonik's Attack!

First of all, I added the Theme of Multiflora, for Violin, to the sheet music. I'm also working in the new music tutorial and in a Guilty Crown piano sheets. And I'm going to start very soon with video-tutorials of the arrangements. All of that, very soon. =)

And talking about sections, today I bring you some music: the Boss music in Sonic games!

In old Sonic games, in my opinion, boss music was one of the best of the soundtrack. That songs sound so attractive, and were in all the bosses. After die 100 times, you start to love the song. I'm talking specially of Sonic 1 and 2, but Sonic 3 & Knuckles has also a good boss music. Here are songs, if you have never listened to them... do it!

Another little surprise: I did a band medley with all this songs. If you are in a band and you like Sonic... you should take a look  =)

Especial attention to the bass. Always! Old Sonic games' music have an incredible bass in some levels. About that, I will talk other day.. xD

Take note all you can do with a few voices! Sonic started in year 1991, so music is has better quality now. Most of the songs has been made with 4 o 5 voices, and the drums. The music of the two first games was composed by Masato Nakamura. Howard Drossin compose the music of Sonic & Knuckles, and some of the OST from Sonic 3.

If you're interested in piano arrangement, visit Game Music Themes and download them.

Hope you like the content!