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Sunday, 22 January 2012

New Music!

Hi again! I finished some more sheets.

From Fairy Tail, Hagane no Hakunetsusen and a easier version of Sannin no Dragon Slayer. I think it sounds as good as the difficult one, so try with the new.
Tomorrow I will upload the Windill Isle Day Theme from Sonic Unleashed, for trio.
EDIT: Uploaded! Download it from the Sheet Music Section.

Another thing is the watermark on the sheets. If you can't read the sheets correctly, comment it and I'll change by a lighter grey.

Next big project is a band arrangement of Monster Hunter Theme. When? I don't know yet >.<

Enjoy the arrangements!


  1. Great!!!!
    Thanks for the Fairy Tail updates!!

    What will be the next Fairy Tail you will do?

  2. The 6th opening, I think it's called "Fiesta".

  3. At the end, I'm not going the sixth, so I will take a look to the 9th ^^'

  4. Nice, the 9th opening was the only opening worth playing on the piano.

    Are you also planning on doing songs from ost 1 and 2 like:
    OST 2: “Tetsuryuu -Kurogane-”; “Shishi no Seirei”; “Natsu no Mahou 2 ~Karyuu no Kenkaku~” and “Tokihanatareshi Chikara”

    OST 1: “The theme of Elsa”; “Invoke magic”; “Dragonslayer”; “The theme of multiflora” and “Magic last”

    I really like to play your fairy tail sheet music and greatly appreciate your work.

    1. I will take a look to that too. However, I think Invoke Magic is in Josh's page. I've also seen an arrangement of Elsa Theme, but I can't remember where.
      Thank you!

  5. Hi, I'd like to know whether the music sheets in the music section is legal to download. Have you gotten permission to arrange it? I really want to play your music sheets but I want to download something that's legal.

    1. Yes, of course is legal. I did all the arrangements and I post here for free. I'm not copying from OST's books.
      So, if I'm not mistaken, this is legal xD

  6. what are other songs that sound like fairy tail