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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Layton sheets!

Hello there!

As I said in my last post, I'm working in the Attack on Titan opening. However, it's a bit difficult, so it will take more time.
Meanwhile, I decided to upload some new sheet music, so I decided to write some sheets from Professor Layton. 

Today, I uploaded a version of More London Streets, for two violins and piano. It's NOT based on live version. Also, I transcribed the new Puzzles theme from the Unwound Future. Be careful with this version: it's a piano reduction, I mean, I wrote all the voices. It's possible to play the song, but it's a bit difficult. There's also a note which is specially complicated to play, so I wrote it between parenthesis. Well, if you aren't skilled enough to play all the voices, you can play right hand patron and the melody.

I'm going to make a piano synthesia video for the Puzzles song.

I'm working also in new Layton sheet music. I also think I will finish the Attack on Titans opening, but it will take some time.

Thank you!

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