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Saturday, 8 October 2011

Now you can comment on the entries!

That was an option I had disabled because of the older blog´s organization. This has changed, so now you can comment the entries. Give you opinion and ideas about all you want! ^.^
However, I want you to follow this simple rules on the comments:

1) Give your opinion, but always being polite with others.  If your comment is offensive or innapropiate, I will delete it.

2) Don´t make requests in entries, unless it´s related with the entry. For example, you can ask about Fairy Tail songs in a Fairy Tail entry. And you have to understand I can´t do too many requests, my time is very limited. 

3) Do not spam or post links or your blogs or pages, unless it´s related to the entry or to a comment.

4) Use English in the comments, doing this, everybody will understand you.

Thank you!  And remember I will revise the comments every week. =)

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