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Friday, 2 September 2011

Fairy Tail Project has started!

Hi again! I´m proud to announce that the first sheets of the Fairy Tail projects are now avaiable!
I started with three of the most popular songs: Sannin no Dragon Slayer, Erza vs Erza and Dokuryuu no Cobra.
You can find it at the Fairy Tail section in the Sheet Music page.

And some of the next will be Mahoukyou no Tabitito,Hagane no Hakunetsusen and Gekitou Mahoujin, Doragon Fosu and Mystogan Theme. Some of them with version for string quartet or orchestra!
I will create a new entry every time I upload some new songs. So see you next time!
Enjoy the arrangements!


  1. Awesome, dude! Great job!

  2. Hello Victor,

    Thank you so much for your transcribings, me and my piano teacher are having a lot of fun with erza vs erza and Sannin no Dragon Slayer!

    Looking forward to your new entries!

    Best regards,

    Stefan Ideler

  3. Thank for your comments!
    I've been lot of work this lasts weeks, but you I'll upload new Fairy Tail sheet this Christmas, be sure.

  4. sorry,did you get me the sheet music of cobra theme please?