Google+ Victor Seven´s Music: Future Projects & New Organization.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Future Projects & New Organization.

Hello! Today I bring you some news about the future of the blogs and the future new sheets.

First, let´s talk about the new organization of the blog: I´ve created two pages, Sheet Music and Link Section, that you can find at the left of the page.
In Sheet Music, I will upload the new songs. You can check which has been the last score submitted and the date of the submission at the page.

And in the Link Section you´ll find links to anime and videogames sheet music pages. This section will have updates sometimes too.

And now, what about the new sheets? Every time I submit an important sheet(s), I will create a new entrie on the blog, with some information about it.
And for finish, pay attention to the current project: Fairy Tail Music! I´m going to transcribe, from the OST 3: Dragon Slayer, Erza vs Erza, Dokuryuu no Cobra, Doragon Fosu... and much, much more. For piano, and some for string orchestra or string quartet. Very soon, here!