Friday, 18 September 2015

Some updates!

Hey! After a pair of years of inactivity (due to my studies in the university), I've come back with some new sheet music, and also answered some of your comments (from 2013, don't know if the answer is useful...)

I have to say that in my music folder I have some unfinished songs which I want to finish and upload. Some from Kid Icarus: Uprising, a pair from Arriety, and some interesting violin - piano ensembles. I think you'll enjoy that songs.
Let's see if I can make some updates to the Youtube channel also.

The songs uploaded are the menu theme from Kid Icarus: Uprising (Viridi version), for piano solo, which is really easy to play -good news for beginners.  Also, you have a string orchestra version of This is Halloween. In my opinion the arragement sounds really close to the original, so it's excellent for your Christmas concert ;D Thanks to this I had to open a new section in the Sheet Music page, called "Misc" for non anime/videogames music.
Finally, a 2 violin + piano ensemble of Always with me, from Spirited Away. 

And, as I've said, there's more unfinished material in my folder. Also, I can't promise anything, but the Xenoblade Chronicles OST looks so great... 

Ah! One more thing. In the next weeks, I have one surprise more! This is a big one. Expect something in the blog!
Remember that you stay in contact in social media like Twitter or Google+, if you have some feedback.

See you all!

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