Monday, 21 May 2012

Youtube Channel!

Hello again!

Today I want to announce a good news: I'm going to upload videos in a Youtube Channel! The main idea is to upload all the piano transcriptions in video tutorials using Synthesia. My channel is:

I only have two videos now, Erza vs Erza and Hagane no Hakunetsu Sen, both from Fairy Tail. I'm finishing exams, so you will see new sheets and videos very soon.

I also want to mention this guy, Lackias, who plays my Sannin no Dragon Slayer transcription. Here is the video:

It's the first time I see somebody playing my arrangements, so I'm very happy. Thank you, Lackias! ~
If you play some of my transcriptions in, and you have your video in Youtube, send a private message to me at the Youtube channel, and I will add your interpretation in it.

Also, if you have any suggerence for the channel, comment it. Thank you all!